Project Description


Marvel Duradrain underground drainage and sewerage system has been manufactured using latest manufacturing technology. For many years sanitary engineers and contractors have been forced to resort to traditional methods to design drainage system of a building. Marvel Duradrain has been designed with a view to modern man’s inclination towards health, hygiene and his aversion to filth and pollutants.

Due to unpleasant nature of human waste, a drainage system should be out of sight and out of mind. Most of the drainage systems are actually hidden from sight. It is hence important that it should be of superior quality and should be able to function year after year without leakage or defects.

It becomes unpleasant and expensive to address such problem that arise in conventional underground products unexpectedly. Such problems may happen due to poor product quality or due to faulty construction and outdated technology.

Marvel Duradrain pipes can also be perforated as per requirements of the client. A perforated pipe is designed to allow water to enter or exit through small holes or slots along the pipe. This pipe can make a great underground drainage system particularly for outdoor uses since it absorbs the water and drains it out of the way.


As per IS: 15328


75mm, 110mm, 160mm, 200mm & 250mm in SN – 2, SN – 4 & SN – 8 in Sliding Socket and Elastomeric Ring Socket


Golden Brown


Store in a cool dry place away form sunlight, UV rays may fade the Golden Brown Colour of the pipe.

Features & Benefits

  • Fire resistant and self extinguishing
  • Non corrosive in nature and are immune to chemical and galvanic corrosion
  • Low, medium & heavy mechanical stress to suit various applications & site conditions
  • Suitable for buried and open application
  • Smooth inner surface for easy wiring
  • Flexibility for long radius bending
  • Durable & impact resistant
  • Versatile and elegant
  • Non conductor of electricity – Prevents electrical shocks
  • Light weight to handle and transport
  • Thermal resistant from -5 degree to +60 degree
  • UV stabilized

Field of applications

  • Open / surface and concealed wiring in house, residential, commercial buildings and industrial plants
  • Telecommunications and cable casing application
  • Traffic signal connections, street light & wiring at public places