Project Description


Marvel ECODRAIN uPVC Pipes and uPVC Fittings are manufactured in state of the art manufacturing facilities using Lead Free uPVC compound. Lead is a harmful environmental pollutant. Marvel, for the first time in Nepal, has taken the initiation to introduce a lead free based uPVC plumbing system towards its attempt in reducing environmental burden in the country.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and best quality material used to produce Marvel uPVC Piping system, adds to the strength and durability, that is unmatched by any other system available in the market. The smooth surface of the Marvel uPVC system provides a choke-free system with almost no maintenance cost.

Marvel Ecodrain has introduced “Yellow Seal” co-moulded German tecnology rings to further enhance system performance. The Yellow ring fits in the groove of the socket & does not slip at the time of making joints. These rings ensure:

  • Leak proof
  • Low insertion force
  • Allows thermal expansion and contraction
  • Reliable function under extreme conditions

Marvel Ecodrain PVC pipes and fittings are manufactured in both grooved socket (“O” Ring type) and Solvent Socket type. Pipes are manufactured with two different classes as “TYPE A” and “TYPE B”.

Grooved Socket pipes & fittings are socketed on automatic socketing machine with high degree of accuracy. The socket has groove inside for rubber ring. Rubber Lubricant should be applied on the rubber ring for ease and good jointing. The rubber ring ensures trouble free water tight joint with allowance to thermal expansion /contraction. Solvent cement should not be used on grooved sockets provided with sealing rings as they deteriorate the rings and render the system subject to leakages.

Solvent Socket pipes are socketed on automatic socketing machine with high degree of accuracy. Such pipes are to be joined with solvent cement. The pipes when joined using solvent cement form a permanent water tight joint. Please use Marvel brand solvent cement to ensure leak proof joints.


  • uPVC PIPES as per IS: 13592
  • uPVC FITTINGS as per IS : 14735

Sizes of uPVC Pipes

50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 110 mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, in Type A & Type B

Sizes of uPVC Fittings

75 mm & 110mm

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced environment burden as made up of Lead Free Compound
  • Chemical and Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent tensile & impact strength
  • UV & Fire resistant
  • Easy to assemble & repair
  • High degree of dimensional accuracy
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install and longer life
  • Low Filler Level
  • Higher Wall Thickness

Field of Application

  • This system can be used in sanitary drain, waste, vent, sewer, drainage applications,
  • This systems is intended for use in non-pressure applications where the operating temperature will not exceed 140 degree F.
  • TYPE A pipes are recommended for use in ventilation pipe work, rain water and rain water harvesting applications.
  • TYPE B pipes are recommended for use in soil and waste discharge systems.