The boom in the building and construction industry, especially in the housing and commercial building sector has fueled high demand for cost effective, reliable, quality piping and plumbing systems. The choice of piping systems for water utilities is based on overall long term value. They must deliver on factors like long term costs, reliability, versatility, environmental effect, drinking water safety and public health. Marvel® FlowGuard™ products are the ideal choice, because they are corrosion resistant, durable, smooth, friction free, resistant to bacterial growth and environment friendly, besides a host of other user friendly features. Compared to GI, PP-R, and other CPVC, Marvel® FlowGuard™ products provide superior performance and material installation benefits. Here are just some of the advantages that Marvel® FlowGuard™ products offer compared to the competition.

Most suitable for carrying drinking water

Marvel® FlowGuard™ pipe retards bacterial growth, which keeps the water quality healthy and very good. It is made from NSF approved raw material, which ensures strict public health requirements. Most of the alternative piping system undergo no third party testing or certification.

Cost – effective & durable

Marvel® FlowGuard™ have low initial cost, low installation costs and lower maintenance costs as against competitive materials. They have high impact strength and durability.

Lowest bacterial growth

Bacteria build up with Marvel® FlowGuard™ pipe is the lowest compared to any other alternative piping materials – Copper, Steel and other thermoplastics like PE, PP, PB, etc.

Quieter than Metals

The velocity of sound in FlowGuard™ CPVC and that in water is almost the same. This means the system is as quiet as physically possible. It is in fact four times quieter than metal plumbing systems, reducing not only the sound of running water, but also the pounding noise of the water hammer.

No scale, pit or leach formation

Even after years of use in the most aggressive conditions, Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipe won’t scale, pit or leach, standing up to low pH water, coastal salt air exposures and corrosive soils. This leads to smooth and full bore flow avoiding water pressure loss, and low water noise.

Tough, rigid material

Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipe has a much higher tensile strength than any other thermoplastics used in plumbing. This means that it needs less hangers and supports and there is no unsightly looping of the pipe. Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipe has a higher pressure bearing capability. This leads to the same flow rate with a smaller pipe size.

Excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion

Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipes do not breakdown even under harshest water conditions and aggressive service conditions like low pH water, coastal salt air exposure and corrosive soils. It is not susceptible to corrosion, electrolysis or scale build-up in areas where water, soil and/or atmospheric conditions are aggressive.

Unaffected by chlorine in the water

Some materials may be adversely affected by chlorine contained in the water supply, which can cause breakdown of the polymer chains and potential leaks. In this respect, Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipe is unaffected by the chlorine present in potable water supply, resulting in increased service life. Chlorine reaction is much faster in hot water piping and tremendously reduces PP material service life.

Low thermal expansion

Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipe has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than alternative plastics, reducing the amount that the pipe expands when hot water is running, again reducing unsightly ‘looping’ of the pipe.

Fire safety

The use of fire resistant materials while designing a building is very critical. Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipe has integral flame retarding property with very high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60. Thus in air these pipes cannot be the ignition source of fire or support or sustain combustion. They do not increase fire load, have low smoke generation and low flame spread without flaming drips.

Energy Efficient

Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipe is more energy efficient than metal pipe. Its thermoplastic properties provide excellent insulation to virtually eliminate sweating and condensation. It keeps hot water hotter and cold water colder than metal plumbing. There is minimal energy loss through pipe walls, saving money on heating and cooling. Further, the thermal conductivity is the lowest even compared to other thermoplastics. Further FlowGuardTM piping requires lesser energy to manufacture compared to other alternatives.

Reduced water hammer effect

The high flexibility of Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipes virtually eliminates water hammers. No water hammer arrestors required under normal conditions as intensity of water hammer is approximately one third than that of metal pipe.

Long term reliability

Till date, CPVC plumbing system is working satisfactory installed in 1959 in USA. Marvel® FlowGuardTM pipe is built on over 52 years of trouble free service history based on the advanced polymer chemistry of Lubrizol. FlowGuardTM Plumbing Systems have a proven track record in millions of homes, apartments, hotels and offices.

Approved world wide

FlowGuardTM plumbing system is approved in all of the USA national model codes. The raw material is NSF certified and confirms to stringent safety requirements of DVGW (Germany), WRAS (UK), CSTB (France), KIWA (The Netherlands), TSE (Turkey) and CSA (Canada) amongst others.